Feeling Good

Saturday, Sept. 24                             

The world’s view is that we should feel good about ourselves.  The Christian view is that we should feel good about what God has accomplished in us.  These two truths are worlds apart.  One is centered on self; the other is centered on God.  One says that I need to look out for “number one”; the other says that we are responsible for one another.  One says “I’m just as good as the next guy; the other says “I’m a sinner and I need help.”  One says that the essence of life is to enjoy it; the other says that this life is to prepare us for the next life.  One says that God is love and would never condemn us to hell; the other says that we are to be judged by a holy God.  One says that the world is a “bowl of cherries;” the other says the world is “the pits.”  One says “I don’t need Jesus;” the other says “I’m doomed to hell without Jesus.”  One says that truth is whatever one wants it to be; the other says there is absolute truth, and I’d be wise to find out what it is and live by it.  One says that the Bible is a book of myths and morals; the other says that it is God’s revealed truth that leads to redemption.  One says that there are many ways to get to heaven; the other says that Christ is the only way.  One says that I can believe anything I like, it’s a private matter; the other says that man’s mind is corrupt and will lead to eternal death.  OK, God has given us a free will.  Most of my readers have made the right choice.  If anyone reading this has not yet made that choice, God is ready for you.  He gave His only begotten son so you can have that option.  If you want to feel good, you now know how to get there.

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