Sunday, Sept. 25                              

“I need to glance at my problem and gaze on my Savior.”  This is not just a cute saying.  It came from a dear friend whose wife is suffering from ovarian cancer.  The cancer is advanced and invading other organs, and she is going through some horrible things, and it may soon take her life.  What a testimony.  Here’s a man who has had a long life with a devoted wife, having given their lives to overseas missions.  While he is being shaken by what we would call a calamity, he has things in perspective.  It’s not that the problem is minimized here, but that the view of the Savior is maximized.  What Jesus did to redeem us and enabling us to serve Him is infinitely greater than any hardship that we face in this life.  This couple has gone through many other trials, but this one could be the most difficult.  In the same letter he wrote “I am content with what I don’t know because of Who I know.”  He’s got things in the right perspective—and God will see him through this one, just as He has the other ones.  And some day he will gaze on his savior up close and forever.

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