Hearing Aids

Saturday, Oct. 1                                

I really don’t like hearing aids.  I resist wearing them.  I question whether they help my hearing enough to warrant using them.  I think they help a bit when there are a lot of people talking at the same time.  Yogi Berra had a take on this.  “It was hard to carry on a conversation because there were so many people talking.”  People love to talk.  I really don’t  enjoy eating in a restaurant any more.  I don’t know what my friend across the table from me is saying,  It becomes a painful situation.  I get to thinking about all those words emanating from the other tables.  They’re probably inane or irrelevant, but I don’t really know because it’s just a jumble of noise.  And then I think of our own little conversation and raise the same questions.  When it comes right down to it, I doubt if  5 % of all words uttered are worth listening to.  I suspect that that holds for me, too.  I don’t know the answer to that other than maybe I should wear ear plugs rather than hearing aids.  Or maybe we should think a little more before we speak.  Mt. 12:36 might help.  “. . . men will have to give account on the day of judgment for every careless word they have spoken.”  That’s not evil word; that’s careless word.

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2 Responses to Hearing Aids

  1. Dan Smith says:

    As an introvert, I wish people would be more thoughtful to when they speak and how much they speak. I feel compelled to listen and validate their thoughts even as I’m wishing that person would reciprocate.

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