Self Evaluation

Monday, Oct. 3                                  
How do you view yourself as compared to others?  I suspect that you already have an idea of where I’m going with this.  Don’t worry.  I’ll be gentle.  And besides, I’m in the same boat.  And you won’t need to share your findings with me or anyone else.  So be honest.  Just think of your own family—your brothers, your cousins and aunts.  Think of the people you fellowship with in your church.  How about the people you work with every day?  You may have an idea of how you rank with all of these.  Maybe not a written list or a specific place in the pecking order, but you will have a general idea of where you fit in.  Your take on that might be accurate and it might be skewed, which is not the point, either.  And, of course, it depends on what we’re evaluating.  Are we talking about intelligence, the work ethic, bank account, social skills, spiritual life, or something else?  None of us would rate ourselves at the very bottom or the very top—in any of those areas. But we would like to be above average, maybe a little higher.  Tom Thieme triggered all this with “The average person thinks he is above average.”  But that is not my point, either.  Here’s my point.  God evaluates us on a totally different scale.  It’s not how I compare with my cousin or my boss; it’s how I measure up to the skills God has given me.  So start over.  Forget cousin, pastor, and next door neighbor.  Think of 1 Cor. 4:2.  “ . . .it is required in stewards, that a man be found faithful.”  Think of Mt. 25:23.  “Well done, good and faithful servant.”  No comparisons.  Just “How faithful were you in serving me?”

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