Humility Personified

Tuesday, Oct. 4                          

In Ex. 32, while Moses is on the mount receiving the ten commandments, God revealed to Moses that the Israelites had talked Aaron into making a golden calf for them to worship.  The timing of these two events is ironic to the nth degree.  Just think how this would strike Moses!  God was angry and wipe out the entire nation and start over with Moses.  A normal man would have jumped at the chance.  Not Moses.   He evidently was not even tempted.  Instead, he pleaded with God to spare the people.  But what is really astounding is his reasoning.  It was not love for his people.  It was his concern for God’s character!  He didn’t want the Egyptians to think that God was bringing the Israelites out to the desert to kill them—that God had failed.  What does that say about Moses?  He had no interest in future fame.  It revealed his intimate, loving relationship with God.  But it also speaks of his humility.  Numbers 12:3 speaks of this.  “Now Moses was a very humble man, more humble than anyone else on the face of the earth.”   Moses, the writer of this book, could not have written that.  It had to be added by someone else at a later date.  Moses would not have said that about himself.  (See NIV note on Numbers 12:3.)

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