What’s Going On?

Friday, Oct. 14                                     

“If you can explain what’s going on, God didn’t do it.”—Warren Wiersbe, quoting Bob Cook.

No, I don’t know who Bob Cook is, but the quotation is worth meditating on.  I think there’s a bit of hyperbole here.  I think God fully intends for us to know a lot of what He’s doing.  He gives us plenty of instructions that are meant to be carried out.  However I rarely have a day go by that I’m not puzzled as to what God has in mind.  Despite that, I keep on trying to figure things out.  Occasionally, I’m successful, which eggs me on.  There are five things I always keep in mind, though.  1. God doesn’t make mistakes.  2. I’m not supposed to know everything God’s doing.  3. He gives me all I need to know.  4. It is always profitable to try to figures things out.  5. It will always make sense some day—in heaven, when it will probably be irrelevant.

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