Full Plates

Sunday, Oct. 16                                 

We all have times when the burdens of life become overwhelming.  It may be a single problem that we don’t have an answer for, or maybe a mountain of little things that we don’t have time or energy to deal with.  Things seem to be out of our control—and probably are.  In the midst of one of  Lettie Cowman’s poems is this little two liner.  “Do not pray for tasks equal to your powers.  Pray for powers equal to your tasks.”  The first line may not apply.  Most of us don’t look for more tasks, let along pray for them, but some energetic, ambitious people might.  Aspiring politicians probably fall into that category.  Most of us, however, need to heed the second line of this little couplet.  If your plate seems too full right now or you are facing a problem that seems to be unsolvable,  you might think of it this way:  There’s a source of power ready and waiting.  He’s at the other end of your prayer.


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