Monday, Oct. 17                                A  Perfect Fit

“Willie and Gretchen were made for each other.”  How often have you heard that kind of comment about a young couple?  Those “made in heaven” matches don’t always pan out.  Check it out 20 years down the road.  When I was a teen, an older friend of my Dad told me that marriages are not made in heaven.  Maybe it helped me down the road and maybe it didn’t.  But I concluded a few decades ago that he was right.  How many can say after 40 years of marriage that “We were made for each other?”  [For the record, this blog was not triggered by my own marriage.]  Actually, I’m closing in on a statement I heard in a recent sermon.  The speaker, addressing God, said “I was made for You.”  That really hit me.  I have never said that to God.  I know that I’m uniquely made, and that it’s for a specific purpose, but I’ve never said to God “I was made for You.”  That is personal and carries an enormous commitment.  It’s also humbling.  As my creator, He owns me, and rightfully expects allegiance and productivity.  There is no place for self.  Every part of me was specifically made to fit God, that He had special designs for me before I was born, that I can please Him in ways that others can’t.  This is really getting serious.  It demands a response.  I’m special, not to please me, but to please God.  This applies to every person of all times, but there’s a double obligation for those who are redeemed.  It fits perfectly with Paul’s admonition in Rom. 12:1-2 to present our bodies to God as a living sacrifice.  When I get out of bed every morning I should remember that “I was made for You.”

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