He Walked With God

Tuesday, Oct. 18                       

“He walked with God.”  These words were only spoken about two men in the Bible. Enoch and Noah.  We know very little about Enoch, who lived before the flood.  He lived to the age of 365 and was the father of Methuselah, the oldest man on record at 969.  That’s getting fairly close to a millennium!  Perhaps that was a reward for Enoch’s “walking with God.”  Scripture only says of Noah that he died.  One other man was taken to heaven without having to die, Elijah.  Elijah and Moses appeared in the transfiguration account in Mt. 17, which brings Moses into the picture.  Moses’ death was special.  He was a apparently not buried my men, but by God or an angel.  Jude mentions in verse 9 that Satan contested for Moses’ body, but was thwarted by the Archangel, Michael.  Jude apparently got that from Jewish tradition.  In any case, it makes one wonder if Moses might have been taken to heaven even though he died a natural death.  Genesis 34:6 notes that no one has ever found where he was buried.  That is interesting, along with the fact that Elijah and Moses were the two O.T. saints that met with Jesus on the mount of transfiguration.  All this brings into question what is meant by “sheol.”  One commentator deduced that the whole idea of sheol (the “hades” of the N.T.) is not what most theologians think it is.  I’m still trying to figure it all out.  But the essential point in all this is that God is very much aware of those who are faithful.  Whether it is “He walked with God” or “Well done, good and faithful servant,” God’s words of commendation will be worth any sacrifice made in this life.

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