Gifts Gone Awry

Sunday, Oct.  23                            

I mentioned yesterday how a gift can lead to pride.  Some preachers are so full of themselves that it reeks.  They have the answers.  “Just listen and do what I tell you.”  At times the focus is on the man and at times it’s on “our church” that has a corner on the truth.  The preacher’s words are so important that the congregants will be delighted if he goes on for another 20 minutes.  The heart of a shepherd is missing.  Self is taking charge.  Satan is rejoicing and God is not glorified.  I’m not talking about wrong doctrine; I’m talk about wrong heart attitude.  These preachers normally have “yes” men to support the one man show.  Unfortunately, too many people in the pews are nonchalant about it all, feeling that their pastor is above reproach.  Those who really are troubled by it will simply go elsewhere.  These preachers will also get their reward.  They might be surprised that it is burned up along with the other wood, hay and stubble.

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