Monday, Oct. 24                                  

Let me introduce you to a Bolivian man who lived across the road from our MK school.  Francisco was a poor man.  His wife and kids occupied a self made adobe house,  constructed on our school property just across the road from us.  No running water, dirt floors, mud roof, with crude, hand made furniture.  Cooking was in a separate little lean-to behind the house.  Water had to be carried from the river, about 1000 feet away.  The house itself was infested with fleas and vermin, including the vinchuca, whose bite carried the dread Chaugas disease.  He was an evangelical Christian in the midst of a Catholic community.  He was quiet, steady, a good husband and father.  To me, he was probably the most humble man I’ve ever known.  He never put himself forward, rarely spoke in church unless he was asked a question.  I never saw him angry or depressed.  He was totally content with what he had.  He lived such a godly life that he was chosen to be an elder in our nearby church.  But here’s what impressed me the most.  Most of the time he was walking up the road, or to a near by valley to witness to unbelievers.  Sometimes he would hitch hike up to 30 or 40 miles toward Santa Cruz to witness to people in the villages along the highway.  He always took tracts to hand out.  He would be gone for days at a time while his wife and children tended their little vegetable garden.  He never talked about his ministry unless someone specifically asked about it.  He would be ineffective preaching to a congregation, but he probably led more people to the Lord than anyone else I knew in Bolivia.  That, my friends, is using one’s gifts for the Lord.  Francisco Perez will not go unrewarded!


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