The Gill Brothers

Tuesday, Oct 25                                

Today I want to talk about two brothers, both of them who were missionaries in Bolivia.  I count it a blessing to have shared in their ministry for years.  We taught their children, who are now all engaged in effective ministries, some overseas and some in the States.  Wayne and Len Gill are as different as night and day.  They both ministered in jungle tribes of Bolivia, and both raised their families in thatched roofed houses in jungle villages. Beyond that, they didn’t have a whole lot in common.  Wayne was gifted in linguistics and language learning, eventually translated the New Testament into two different tribal languages, and became the expert “checker” for all the tribal translations throughout all our New Tribes work in South America.  Len, on the other hand, was not exactly an expert in the English language, let alone Spanish, or a tribal language.  He would be the first one to say that he was not a gifted scholar.  Nevertheless, he learned Spanish well, and at least one tribal language.  Len and his wife, Elsie, did a lot of traveling on the rivers of the lowland jungles, ministering to tribal people scattered along the rivers—and neither of them knew how to swim.  They had several near tragedies when they encountered rapids or storms, capsizing several times, but each time able to paddle to safety.  Wayne was athletic, very aggressive, loved volleyball.  Len was not at all athletic.  Despite Wayne’s scholastic ability, he was never very effective in raising support in U.S churches.  Len, amazingly enough, was very successful in that regard.  Len was a “plugger,” just going about his work no matter the circumstances.  Not that Wayne was a slacker.  He and his wife, Ruth, were constantly working at translations and preaching and teaching.  My point is that these two brothers both exercised their gifts to the maximum.  Both did precisely what God had for them to do.  Both will get their reward—as will their wives.  And I’m a better man for knowing them. [Wayne and Ruth have gone on to their reward; Len and Elsie are still faithfully serving God.]

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2 Responses to The Gill Brothers

  1. Galilee M Weldon says:

    What a great honor to hear their story. I never knew either but knew of course,that they were there. I love how you showed they each served according to the men God made them be. Thank you Mr. Lotz – a man and his wife I deeply honor for their very powerful work they have done – and how your work made me see God as real and worthy to be served. Thank you.

    • davelotz says:

      I guess I could write a lot of positive things about some other marvelous people, people like Mabel Hurst, Marge Day and Fred and Grace Borden. We had some very wonderful people to work with, didn’t we?

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