Giving Thanks

Friday, Oct. 28                              

Why do most Christians pray before a meal?  Does the Bible teach us to do it?    Jesus gave thanks before distributing food to the 5000 in Mt. 14:19, before feeding the 4000 in Mt. 15:16, and before eating the Passover feast just before His death.  Luke 22:17.   After His resurrection He caught up with two disciples who were despondent over Jesus’ death and ministered to them.  When they arrived in Emmaus, the two men invited Jesus to stop and eat with them.  Jesus gave thanks before they ate.  Lk. 24:30.  So there may not be instructions on this, but there is a bit of a pattern.  Rather than treating this lightly we should probably expand it.  I haven’t done too well on this, but I’m working at it—thanking God for a bed to sleep in, for the rack of clothes in my closet, for a heated house in the winter, for a car that runs, for a rich fellowship with fellow believers, for a family that serves the Lord, and especially for a loving wife.  The Bible tells us that we don’t thank God enough.  There is no place in Scripture that says we pray too much!

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