The Source of Faith

Saturday, Oct. 29                      

“Christ is the source of faith, object of faith, the perfecter of our faith, and the model of faith.”  This statement by Tom Thieme in a sermon awhile back covers a lot of ground.  It is easy to take a quick look at it, agree with it, and still not catch the enormity of it.  Let’s take a closer look.  “Christ is the source of our faith.”  This harks back to the incarnation.  Jesus came in person to reveal God in a new and graphic way, far superior to anything in previous history.  (See Heb. 1.)  He revealed God by His teaching, which, according to Jewish listeners, was like no other.  But Jesus’ teaching, amazing as it was, would have been worthless without the sacrifice of Himself on the cross.  There He revealed the heart of God, a God that so loved His created beings that He was willing to give up His son, the only truly righteous man that ever lived, to die in the place of sinners, who had no way to avoid eternal judgment.  That revelation opened the door for man to be redeemed.  By trusting Christ as the One who paid our penalty for sin, we can avoid the eternal punishment of hell, and also be guaranteed an eternal future is heaven.  That is awesome and clearly qualifies as the “source of our faith.”

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