The Object of Faith

Sunday, Oct. 30                         

The second part of Tom’s statement is that “Christ is the object of our faith.”  Contrary to what a lot of people propose, there is only one way to enter into fellowship with God, to be accepted into God’s family, to avoid judgment, and to end up in heaven.  This false doctrine was thrust upon me when I was in college.  The idea that there are many roads to God, that a sincere desire to please God, whether as a Hindu or Buddhist, is all it takes.  Part of this corrupt view included a weakened definition of inspiration.  After all, wasn’t Shakespeare’s work inspired?  God got me through that OK.  God’s Word stands.  Jesus said “I am the way and the truth and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through me.”  OK, Jesus said it about Himself.  But He was well qualified to say that.  If anyone else said that I would call him a liar.  Jesus proved His credentials over and over.  The final proof was His resurrection, precisely three days after His death—just as He had predicted.  So Christ is indeed the “object of our faith.”  Trust in anyone or anything else is in vain—and leads to eternal damnation.  There is only one redeemer, one savior.  He is worthy of our adoration.

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