“No Joy” is a Pain

Sunday, Nov. 6                        

“Every thing that God does should produce joy.”  When you think about this, you realize that it’s an oxymoron.  God is good and 100 % of the time what He does is to perfect us, to make us holy.  He does this by showering us with good things, but also by trials and disappointments, which we too often seek to avoid.  Everything in life is designed to recognize God’s goodness. When we see Him as He really is, we adore Him and worship Him.  In the process we are changed.  We become like Him.  Our relationship with Him becomes more intimate, we fall in love with Him.  We end up praising Him and worshiping Him.  The net result is supreme joy.  OK, I’m grabbing a John Piper theme.  [He’s not the author of it, just the messenger.]  The point is that when I am not joyous, something is wrong.  Lack of joy is like bodily pain; it signals a problem that needs to be dealt with.  I went through a recent spell where I felt useless and spiritually ineffective.  All I could think of was getting out of this miserable world.  It robbed me of my joy.  After wallowing in this state a few days (I’m a slow learner), I finally came to terms with it and prayed for relief.  Good move, but why did it take so long?  My joy is back.


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