Aroma of Life

Saturday, Nov. 19                            

From the end of World War II Corrie was in a full time worldwide ministry.  IVCF (Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship) was privileged to have her as a guest speaker in colleges across the U.S. and Eastern Washington College of Education was on her schedule.  I remember well her visit.  It was not a big event at the college.  We met in a classroom and had maybe 30 in attendance, mostly Christians, although we had advertised her coming.  After being introduced, she closed her eyes and said she felt only darkness here.  This campus was full of evil.  And then she prayed.  I don’t remember the gist of her message, but I was duly impressed with her take on our college.  She was so obviously in close touch with God.  I ran across a clause recently that I think fits the picture.  “Aroma of life or aroma of death.”  At that moment at EWCE I felt the aroma of death.  She must have had ample occasions of that  at Ravenbruck, too.  But I also felt the aroma of life, and Corrie must have been an aroma a life in that prison, too.  We’re in a war, people.  We can’t be neutral.  We must have an aroma of life every day, every hour.  Corrie died on her 91st birthday.  And there must have been an aroma of life about her as she left this world.

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