Sunday, Nov. 20                                  

The word “Master” is often thought of as a negative word.   It implies slavery of some sort, a boss or a spouse, or parents.  Slaves are not free; they are only there to please others. We don’t like that. We would like to be our own masters.  But that is impossible.  When a person thinks he is his own Master, he is really serving Satan.  Serving self with a live and active sin nature guarantees that.  In Jesus’ parables, He speaks of only two masters.  His point is that we cannot serve two masters at the same time.  It’s either/or;  there is no third option.  Mt. 6:24.  That should make the choice an easy one—when Satan is the only option.  Here’s what we get when we choose Christ to be our Master.  He created me.  He knows all about me—and loves me anyway.  He knows the future.  He gives me the power I need to serve Him.  When I fail, He forgives me.  He never leaves me nor forsakes me.  He rewards me graciously, though I don’t deserve it.  Jesus has prepared a place for me.  My sin nature will be forever removed and I will live a life of bliss with Him forever.  Jesus’ burden is light, and we will have rest for our souls.  There’s more, too, but that should be enough to make the right choice.  Excuse me if I am too blunt, but a person would be a fool to reject God’s offer.  I like Warren Wiersbe’s comment:    “God gives His best to those who let Him write the contract.”  Amen!

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