Tuesday, Nov. 29                               

Aesop’s Fables are still popular after some 25 centuries!  Aesop was apparently a slave and a marvelous story teller.  He lived from about 620 to 564 B.C.  But he didn’t invent fables.  Fables are figures of speech, too.  They deal with moral principles just as parables do.  Their distinction is that animals and inanimate objects such as rocks and trees speak, think, and act like humans.  There are only two fables recorded in the Bible.  You might want to read them.  One is in Judges 9:7-20.  It is used by Jotham to criticize the people for accepting Abimelech as their king.  The second is in 2 Kings 14:1-15.   Johoash, king of Israel, used the fable to warn Amaziah, king of Judah, not to wage war against him  Amaziah ignored the warning, attacked Israel and was soundly defeated.  Johoash then destroyed part of the walls of Jerusalem and carted off gold and silver utensils from the Temple, and took a few captives home with him, too.  All this took place 100 years or more before Aesop.

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