“Good” Communication

Friday, Dec. 2                           

The communication problem brings to mind the dialogue between Jesus and the rich young ruler.  You will remember that this young man addressed Jesus as “good teacher.”  Did he mean that Jesus did a good job transmitting truth?   Was he agreeing with the content of Jesus’ teaching?  Or was he saying that Jesus was good morally?  Jesus, being God, knew what was on his mind.  We don’t and I don’t think the record in Mk. 9:17-31 reveals that.  But Jesus, knowing the man’s problem, went right to the issue, which was a moral or spiritual one.  He pointed out that good is a divine trait, and that no one is perfectly good except God Himself.  The implication has to do with Jesus being recognized as God, i.e., the Messiah.  If this man really believed that, the obvious response would be to follow Jesus as the other disciples standing there were doing.  In a short dialogue, Jesus got at the heart issue and the man was forced to make a choice.  It was the wrong choice, but perhaps he came to Christ later.  Just as with Nicodemus, there was not an immediate positive response, but please note that Jesus took time to explain things to this man just as he did with Nicodemus.  And you all know that Nicodemus came through for Christ at the crucifixion scene.  It’s speculation, but I like to think I will see this man in heaven.

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