God Chose Union

Sunday, Dec. 4                              

I’ve been thinking lately about my relationship with God.  Oh, I know I’m eternally saved and soon to be on my way to heaven.  I’m referring to how I currently relate to Him.  Is my relationship close and intimate as it is with a sound, loving marriage?  Or is it a bit one sided,  a totally faithful God and a half hearted partner—me?  I cherish the truth that God will never divorce me. An analogy is in order here. Governmental systems determine the relationship between the government and the political entities within it—states, provinces, or ethnic groups.  Great Britain copped out of the European Community, a federation.  The founders of our country tried confederation, but because each colony was fiercely independent, it didn’t work.  They then started over by choosing to form a union.  From that time on, every state that joined the union were forever committed to it and could never secede.  So the southern states were indeed rebels and the Civil War, as tragic as it was, was a natural result.  When God formed plans for our redemption, He chose union.  Accepting Christ as Savior and Lord is permanent.  Our future is secure.  Once born again, we can’t be unborn.  Our relationship is not a confederation.  I don’t have to fear a divorce when I sin, but there might be a bit of a “civil war” to get me back on track.  But God chooses to use persuasion, not coercion.  He punishes, but it is always in love and mercy.  He wants to woo us back into an intimate relationship with Him.  I want that, too.

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