Thursday, Dec. 8                                     

The Bible has a lot to say about being chosen.  There are multiple ways and situations where this word is used, but I want to hone in on the one that has to do with salvation, what theologians call “election.”  I’m really not eager to get into this because it has some debatable and no doubt  irreconcilable problems.  It’s easy to go down wrong trails that lead to quagmires.  Nevertheless, election is a revealed truth that needs to be pursued.  It’s there for a reason even if we have trouble understanding it.  The truth is that I have a lot more questions than answers.  Why are we born with a sin nature in the first place?  How could Lucifer, a high level created being, even contemplate rebelling against God?  And why did God let it happen?  Why did He not immediately judge it and banish it?  Why did He allow Satan to be in the Garden to tempt Eve?  Why did she fall?  Why did Adam go along with it?  Why did their sin get passed on to all his descendants?  What is God’s purpose in all this?  Does God arbitrary chooses some to be saved and not others?  If so, on what basis does He make those choices?  Is it because of His foreknowledge?  Where does free will come in?  Why should we evangelize if God chooses who will be saved and who will remain unsaved?  I’ll give you a day to meditate on this, with the full knowledge that most of you will not spend a whole lot of time doing that.  But don’t read my blog tomorrow with the expectation of having the above questions answered.  It won’t happen!  But I will have a comment or two.

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