Things I Do Know

Saturday, Dec. 17                             

Yesterday I let you know what I don’t know.  Well, there are a few other things I don’t know, too.  Now I’ll tell you what I do know.  The plan of redemption worked to perfection.  I know that not only by observing the facts, but because I serve a perfect God.  Not only do I believe that it worked; it was the only way it could possibly work.  If there had been a way that the Son of God could have avoided the cross, it would have happened.  I know my redemption is assured, that all of God’s promises will come to pass in due time, and that I will live forever in the presence of a loving God.  I know God’s judgments are fair and that all the results, both in heaven and in hell, will reflect God’s goodness.  I know that God is  sovereign.  I know that I am chosen not by any merit of my own, but because of a merciful and gracious God.  I know that there will be multitudes of people in hell, but God is not only just, he is merciful and gracious.  I know that evil will eventually disappear from the universe and God will be both victorious and glorified.  There are lots of things I don’t know about God, but I know enough to trust and worship him.  I know that God chose me for a purpose and that I need to bear fruit for him.  I  know that I fail more than I succeed, but God loves me anyhow.  There’s more, but I spare you.

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