Dealing with Injustice

Sunday, Dec. 18                          

We all have to deal with unjust treatment at times.  Jesus was the one human being of all time that was most unjustly treated.  He was sinless, yet was falsely accused throughout his time on earth.  The Sanhedrin even paid people to lie about him.  So how did he respond?  Mt. 26:50 reveals that he called Judas a friend even as Judas was going out to betray him after the Passover Feast, just a few hours before the crucifixion.  Lk. 23: 34 tells us that just before Jesus died on the cross he asked the Father to forgive these men that crucified him and mocked him throughout the process.  In this, he became our role model.   We will never be in the same crucial situation that Jesus was in nor will we ever be able to respond perfectly as He did, but there’s the standard,

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