Christmas Day

Tuesday, Dec. 20                             

Our good friend, Betty, is a marvelous person.  She is a bit demure, always pleasant.  She has one trait that really stands out.  When she says something, it is worth listening to.  Her speech always reveals a heart that is devoted to God.  When I mentioned Christmas coming up soon, she said “And you’re going to be with us the whole day.”  If you just take the statement itself, it could mean one of several things.  1. We will have you trapped.  You will be at Sunday School and Church and then to the Burches for dinner and chit chat for the rest of the day.  2. We are such good company that you will have a great time with us.  3. You are such good people that we will be blessed by having you.  4. We will spare you from being bored.  5.   A mix of all the above.  I don’t know how I replied to her, but I’m sure it wasn’t a statement to be remembered.  But after meditating on this later I concluded that it couldn’t be no.1. or no. 2.  Betty is not like that.  She is a straight shooter.  Knowing us, No. 3 and no. 4 are not likely, either, which also eliminates no. 5.    My final conclusion:  She was looking forward to a time when we could all rejoice around our Savior, enjoy each other because of what we have in common, another opportunity to learn and encouraged one another.  I think that was Betty’s heart—and why Jesus established the Church.

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