Christmas is Important

Wednesday, Dec. 21                   

Christmas is important for retailers.  Many companies depend on Christmas sales to make a profit for the year.  Christmas has become a world wide event, even though it’s significance is unknown or horribly skewed.  In terms of redemption, Christmas may be of less importance than Easter.  Without the cross and the resurrection Christmas would be irrelevant.  But it’s also true that without Christmas there would be no cross.  The Bible certainly treats it as important.  There are probably more prophecies concerning Christ’s birth than any other single event.  Almost every aspect of it involves angels and miracles.  Hundreds of hymns have been composed and handed down through the ages.  So why is it so important?  For the only time in eternity God became a created being, a unique event almost beyond belief.  It’s not a minor blip in history.  It’s significance cannot be fully understood in this life.  The next few blogs will touch on it, but there’s no way a few blogs will exhaust the subject.  I will give you a few things to think about.

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