What Christmas Isn’t

Thursday, Dec. 22                      

Most of my readers will have a fairly good handle on this.  Nevertheless I will probably offend someone here.  So be it.  Christmas isn’t Santa Claus and reindeer.  There is no north pole gift wrapping station  There are no elves, no sleigh, no Rudolph.  Christmas is not Bing Crosby singing about a white Christmas.  Nor does the winter wonderland have anything to do with it.  There is nothing in the Bible about having a tree cut down, brought into the house and trimmed with ornaments.  Maybe you haven’t thought about this, but the early church saints did not exchange gifts during the advent season, either.  Why do we have all these aberrations?  I’ll keep it simple and blunt.  Satan is doing his usual undermining of God’s plans.  He mixes a small amount of truth with a lot of irrelevant and misleading fluff in order to keep people serving him instead of turning to God for redemption.   It’s that simple.  And, unfortunately, most of us Christians have bought into it, at least in part.  Yes, I have a Christmas tree, all nicely trimmed.  I have lights decorating the front of our house.  And, yes, I send gifts to my loved ones.  So far, I have not invited a Santa Claus into my home.  Feel free to make your own observations.

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