The Magi’s Mission

Sunday, Dec. 25                        

Nothing seemed to be a surprise to the Magi.  It’s doubtful if they had ever been in this area of the world before.  They had sufficient information to get there.  Despite lack of maps and inter state highways, they did just fine.  They knew the King of the Jews was newly born.  We don’t know how they knew, but it had to be by divine revelation.  They apparently didn’t know all the particulars—as is revealed by the fact that God had to warn them about Herod—so there had to be a measure of faith.  They did not let Herod, who represented the power of the Roman Empire,  intimidate them, which shows their dependence on God.  God providing a “star” was taken in stride.  Why God revealed all this to them and why it’s recorded by Matthew remains somewhat a mystery.  I believe they were instructed by God to go to Judah to worship the Lord, and that they were true worshipers.  I believe that they were always in touch with God.  I believe that this entire account proclaims to the world that Jesus was not just the King of the Jews, but the Savior of the entire world.  They may or may not have been Jewish proselytes.  Some commentaries believe they were Gentile pagans.  I reject the word “pagans” unless it just means non-Jews.  I wonder where Matthew got his information, but I don’t question its accuracy because I believe I know it’s inspired.  It’s a true story with a few difficult nuances and a wealth of significant truths.  Jesus was worthy of all praise—even though it was the very beginning of his sojourn on earth.

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