Monday, Jan. 2                                              Independence 

Independence is good.  Freedom from tyranny is good.  Ah, but independence is bad.  A ten year old looks forward to “growing up” so he can be independent.  That’s good.  But if a ten year old is independent at ten, he is not ready for it.  He could well become a street person, subject to all kinds of abuse.  That’s bad.  A sixty year old man will relish being independent but when he is eighty or ninety and can’t drive he will  happily depend on others to get to a grocery store or a doctor’s appointment.  He might even be content in an assisted living place where he is cared for day and night.  It might be less stressful than living alone or with a son or daughter.  All this to say that we were not created to be independent, but to be dependent. God has given us a measure of independence but in reality we can’t survive on our own.  Every breath and every heart beat testifies to that.  The amenities of life—night and day, rain and sunshine, water and food—all send us the same message.  We are meant to be dependent.  Satan tested Adam and Eve on this point, and they failed the test, and we along with them.  We have the same mind set:  We do not want to be dependent on anyone, especially God.  The point is that we will never be happy with that independent nature.  But nothing will change without divine action.  God did His part—as indicated by the cross.  But it is not automatic; we have to want to change.

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