Dealing with the Present

Friday, Jan. 6                          

We all remember things from the past, both the good things and the bad things.  Those things can provide either happy memories or disheartening regrets.  Both the good and the bad can be counselors in our current lives.  “I need to avoid this” or “I need more of that.”  So remembering the past can help us grow into what God wants us to be.  Those things can also be used to encourage others in their walk with the Lord.  The real problem is when we reside in the past.  If my hours are spent looking back, it means that the present is not important enough to waste time on.  Current life is meaningless or worse.  It probably also means that the future is not too bright either.  How sad!  Unfortunately, it is not just unbelievers that are in that condition.  If you are a believer and the present is not exciting and scintillating, you’re in deep trouble.  The solution is not in the past; it’s in the present.  You need to go to God right now for recovery.  A Christian should be happy and should look forward to every day.  Have a good one—day, that is.

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