Beautiful Junk

Sunday, Jan. 8                                 

“When someone finds a way to turn junk into beauty, don’t ask why.  Just stand back and admire it.”  I ran across this some where. and it struck a chord with me.  One time I was a piece of junk.  That was before God got my attention.  He then and there began a restoration process.  I’m not yet a finished product, but people that knew me years ago would probably notice some changes.  Hopefully my wife has.  I think I still fall short of being a thing of beauty, but I know that whatever progress I’ve made is due to the Master Craftsman, not to a piece of junk that was ready for the scrap pile.  So what I admire is not the restored piece of junk, but the One who recognized the value of a piece of junk and did something about it.  My life should bear testimony to what God has done, not anything I’ve done.  I want to emulate John the Baptist who said in John 3:30 “He must be greater; I must be less.”

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