Mothers and Teachers

Monday, Jan. 9                          

“My mother never gave up on me.  I messed up in school so much they were sending me home, but my mother sent me right back.”—Denzell Washington.  You might get the impression that nobody wanted him around, but I doubt if that was his mother’s view.  His teachers were probably ready to throw him on the junk heap.  Denzell was born into a Christian home, so he should have had a good start.  You probably know that he became famous as an actor and producer.  He won a room full of awards.  He is a devout Christian and reads his Bible every day.  His father was a minister and Denzell has always considered being a minister, too.  For you mothers:  Don’t give up.  You might be surprised what God does with your children.  And keep praying.  I ran across this recently:  “God can’t be everywhere, so he made mothers.”  There’s some faulty theology there, but it correctly values the place of mothers.  For the record, I’m thinking Christian mothers.  Non-Christian mothers don’t have a whole lot to offer their children, although God is quite capable of over riding that draw back.  A Christian mother’s life before her kids is a powerful influence on them.  For you school teachers:  Hang in there.  That piece of junk can end up being a thing of beauty.  Don’t underestimate God.

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