Wednesday, Jan. 18                              

I’ve always wondered why Satan continues to oppose God.  Doesn’t he know that he is going to end up in the lake of fire?  He is limited by God and that would include not being omniscient.  What he knows and what he doesn’t know is something we don’t know.  I recently heard the comment that Satan was surprised when Jesus rose from the dead.  That surprises me, but maybe it’s right.  It occurred to me that if that was the case, Satan would perhaps say “It is finished.”  It would be appropriate since he’s always wanted to copy God’s agenda.  These words are a fitting climax to the most crucial event in history, the act that brought redemption to sinful man.  And though the words are the same, the meaning behind them are probably the most diametrically opposed statements in history.  One is total victory and the other is total defeat.  Satan might or might not have said those words, or thought them; that is pure speculation on my part.  In any case, he continued to fight God and will continue to do so until cast into the lake of fire.  As Martin Luther stated in his well known hymn,  A Mighty Fortress is Our God, “For lo, his doom is sure; One little word shall fell him.”  Taking it literally, that word could well be “finished.”

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