Living With an Attitude

Thursday, Jan. 19                      

The greatest thing about an attitude is that its yours and you can change it.—Joyce Meyer, in Guideposts, Dec. 2016.  Attitude is a vital part of everything we do.  It pervades every moment of life.  It is just as constant as breathing.  Because it is ever present we rarely realize it’s there.  Only when we deviate from the normal pattern do we acknowledge it’s presence.  We feel good when we demonstrate a good attitude in a trying circumstance.  We likewise feel guilty when we show a particularly poor attitude.  And that’s when the above quotation comes into the picture.  But there’s a process to go through.  First, we need to take ownership of our attitude and take responsibility for it.  Then we are faced with whether or not we want to deal with it.  Maybe we can minimize the damage by making amends.  After that, we might want to broaden it to include a pattern.  Is this a single occasion or do I have a habit that needs to change?  If we get serious about changing, then we will have to weigh what it will cost us to change.  Now to that last part of the quotation—“and you can change it.”  Yes, we can change it, but not on our own.  The root of the problem is in our sin nature, which will dominate us without God’s help.  If you have trouble with this view, read Rom. 7-8.  God will do his part, but you have to do yours.  Call it a joint effort.

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