My Two Cents Worth

Saturday, Jan. 21                         

“No one has ever become poor by giving.”—Anne Frank.  Totally correct.  First of all there’s a double meaning here.  There’s poverty in terms of material things and there’s poverty in spiritual things.  So you can have zero material assets and still be rich. The entire N.T. supports this.  Paul speaks of the riches that we have from Christ in Colossians and he’s not talking about bank accounts.  Jesus spoke of the widow who put her last two cents in the offering box.  Luke 21 1-4.  In contrast to others who gave much more “out of their wealth,” she gave sacrificially out of a full heart.  Jesus saw this and commended her for it.  Being commended by Jesus is not being poor!  But there’s another aspect of this statement.  If  I’m giving as unto the Lord, as the widow did, I will never be a  loser.  God will not be indebted to anyone.  I have found that many times when we have given to others, we often have unexpected gifts come to us.  I’m not into that televangelist line that by giving the evangelist $50 or $100 that God will pour out material riches on us.  If the evangelist really believed that he would be giving away all his money and become a millionaire.  I don’t see any of them doing that.  They are simply depending on their pitch to make themselves rich at the expense of gullible people, many of whom are also greedy.  And that is my two cents worth.  So go ahead and give—and please avoid those televangelists.    

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