he Need to Need

Sunday, Jan. 22                            T

“We need others to need us.”  This short statement needs to be pursued.  In recent weeks I’ve stayed at home more—partly because it’s winter—and have had less contact with people.  The result is that I’ve felt somewhat discontent and even irritable.  Not that I don’t enjoy the company of my dear wife.  The truth is that I need to be needed.  It’s a bit of an ego trip to feel that way—as though people won’t get along just fine without my input.  It shakes my little world a little bit to think that I’m a non-factor for most of the people that I know, but it’s realistic and it makes me think.  How can I better the lives of others?  I need to re-evaluate my interpersonal relationships.  I need to look to the Lord for help.  And that brings up another side of this issue.  Not only do I need others to need me; I need to need others.  I need to actively seek input from others.  Of course, the sin nature with its focus on self is at the bottom of all this.  God is still trying to make something of me.  And sometimes he has a hard time just getting my attention.  Do I need to change?  Of course I do.  I will always need to change while in this life.  That’s one thing that doesn’t change.

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