Shared Happiness

Sunday, Jan. 29                        

“Happiness never decreases by being shared.”   In fact, it increases.  Whenever something comes into my life that brings me joy, I immediately want to share it.  When Elizabeth said “Yes”  some 63 years ago, I was one happy camper and I was eager to announce the good news to anyone in sight.  My Mom and Dad were happy and expressed it—as did my siblings.  You can guess how my fifth grade students responded.  I assure, all that excitement did not diminish my happiness.  It enhanced it.  This principle is borne out in a variety of Bible passages.  When John the Baptist identified Jesus as the Messiah to two of his disciples, one of them, Andrew, couldn’t wait to go tell his brother, Peter, the good news.  The next day, Jesus invited Philip to follow him.  He, too, ran off to tell Nathaniel, who also became a disciple (John 1:40-45).  They both wanted to share there excitement. Mary Magdalene must have been bursting with joy when she discovered Jesus alive early on Easter morning (John 20:10-18).  But Jesus made haste to send her off to tell his disciples the good  news.  Can you imagine her excitement in carrying out that assignment?  Possibly the most happiness that Jesus was alive was Mary, Jesus’ mother.  There is no record of that encounter, but I’m sure it took place.  Knowing the heart of a mother, I suspect  she endured more agony seeing her son dying on the cross than anyone else, which could only enhance the joy she must have felt at his resurrection.  I wish we had an account of that precious reunion.  And somewhere along the line, Mary’s other sons came to believe in Jesus, too, probably the result of the resurrection.  This would have been another exhilarating time of happiness for Mary.  No record of that, either, but I fully believe it happened.  And I have no doubt that she shared that joy with every person she knew.  We have the best news in the world to share with others, the life changing news about how to be free from sin and be a part of God’s family and an eternity to rejoice and worship our redeemer.


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