Waves of Grace

Tuesday, Jan. 31                             

“Grace” is an interesting word.  Some people are graceful, others are not.  We say grace at the dinner table.  We extend grace when people make mistakes.  The Bible has a little different slant on it.  I used to think that grace was more or less limited to the conversion experience.  Over time I’ve expanded that a bit—but not enough.  The word keeps coming up and I think God wants me to have a better understanding of it.  In the prologue to the fourth Gospel, (John 1:1-18), John captures the majesty of Christ, starting with his being God from the very beginning and moving on to his incarnate ministry.  Grace is mentioned three times in vv. 14-18.  The tendency is to roll right over that passage without catching the full significance of it.  There’s a sequence here that is important.  The first one (v. 14) says that Christ was “full of grace.”  Verse 16 says “From the fullness of his grace we have all received one blessing after another.  Other versions  carry the same thought, but use different wordings.  The English Standard Version says “grace upon grace.”  Doug called it “waves of grace.”  I call it “constant, consistent, and ever present grace.”   Grace is something that we are never without.  But we still haven’t defined it. I think of it as God’s goodness.  As described by John, it is “God is good to us all the time.”  How true that is.  We cannot take a breath without his grace. We would vanish from the earth without his grace.  So how do I respond to that?  Praise him all the time.  Live for him all the time.  Look forward to being with him all the time.  Easily spoken; hard to do.

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