Smart and Dumb

Wednesday, Feb. 1                       

It always amazes me how a man can be so smart and so dumb at the same time.  Yale and Harvard graduates with doctor’s degrees are smart—above average intelligence and an accumulation of knowledge.  Fame in the academic world involves motivation and opportunity as well as being gifted in thinking capacity.  Not every mentally gifted person becomes famous or rich.  But many of those intellectual giants are also dumb.  I’m thinking of atheists and evolutionists.  The Bible teaches that the entire universe declares God’s existence and his glorious works.  These gifted intellectuals agree that every thing has a cause—except the universe, which just happened.  Duh!  Besides the Bible’s various statements concerning the witness of our natural world, it disposes of atheists by simply saying they are fools—which is another way of saying they are dumb.  Other Scriptures speak of those people as blind.  There are two kinds of “blind.”  There are those who have been duped and can be helped by removing the blindfold.  But there are others that know the truth and hang on to what is false because they are too interested in their position, wealth or power.  Those are the ones that Jesus called “whited sepulchres filled with dead men’s bones,” and “children of the Devil.”  Both atheists and evolutionists  block out all evidence that gets in their way—contrary to scientific practices.  OK, these men need Christ and I lament their destiny, but they are their own worst enemies.

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