Why Natural Revelation?

Sunday, Feb. 5                    

Most of us Christians elevate the Bible (special revelation) to the point of minimizing natural revelation.  Except for a few fools, the entire world understands that the natural world points to God.  Human beings have spent all of history discovering how it all works, and  have done little more than scratch the surface.  But rather than going into orbit about the reality of it, I want to focus on the response to it.  The most accurate and concise record of human response to natural revelation is Rom. 1:18-32.  In a nut shell it says that natural revelation was designed to draw people to God, that man rejected it, resulting in eternal damnation.  So why did Paul start out with this?  He concludes that the entire human race is guilty and can do nothing to be restored to God’s favor.  And that sets the stage for the divine solution which is meticulously laid out in the rest of the book.  My point here is to emphasize the importance of natural revelation.  It is universal; all men of all time have the evidence of a benevolent God around them every moment of every day.  Take that away and the human race is without hope.  By itself, natural revelation will never save anyone from eternal judgment, but it reveals the reality of man’s plight and opens the door to special revelation.  My conclusion:  “Natural revelation is no less important than special revelation.  Both of them are essential to God’s plan of redemption.”

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