Why Attend Church?

Monday, Feb. 6
It would be really interesting to ask people who enter the church on a Sunday morning “why are you here?”  I don’t have the guts to do it, but I could speculate as to the answers.  I’ve asked myself that question any number of times.  The pat answer is that we come to worship God.  But if I honestly reflect on this, I’m not so sure that’s why I go to church.  I too often treat it as a chance to enjoy fellowship with others of like faith.  That’s good, but not sufficient.  How often do I think that attending church will hone my skills to be a witness for God, to fulfill the Great Commission?  Pastors have to deal with this, too.  If people in the pews are there to have their egos stroked, what does a pastor do?  Because there are other churches nearby, the temptation is to soften the message.  Too much of the time, the focus is on learning more rather than doing more.  I like this comment by John Piper.  “The problem is not that we come to church to be pleased, but that we are too easily pleased.”  True pleasure comes from knowing God in all his splendor.  As our view of Christ is expanded we will be more in awe and more enthralled by him.  Our love will grow and we will delight in him.  That seems to be a fairly good reason to attend church.  And that should motivate us every day, whether in or out of church.

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