Wednesday, Feb. 8                         

Calvin:  God has revealed himself in such a way that “we cannot open our eyes without being compelled to behold him.”  This statement overwhelmed me.  First of all, it reveals a lot about Calvin.  I have a hard time thinking that any man can have that kind of fixation on Christ.  It reminds me of the Apostle Paul.  And it’s not as though the sin nature was somehow extracted from either one of those men.  It just raises the bar as to what any one of us can be when sold out to God.  Calvin’s perspective was right.  It’s not our situation, what Christ has done, or how blessed we are; it’s the person of Jesus.  “Looking unto Jesus . . .”  Heb. 12:2.  Piper would approve!  I look forward to meeting Calvin when I reach the other side.  I think I will do more listening than talking.  And then I began to examine my own heart.  I have to confess that I don’t always open my eyes and immediately praise God for all he is.  My only plea is that God is not through with me yet.  I’m a work in progress.  And then I thought of the many who don’t know God at all, those who never open their eyes and behold our majestic God.  They have no idea what they’re missing—and for some of them, it’s my fault.  That grieves me.  I need to open my eyes to see God in all his splendor.  Then I will be motivated to see and use the opportunities that surround me to serve him.

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