God’s Ego?

Friday, Feb. 10                                      

I’ve been bothered for years as to why the Bible is so full of the need to praise God.  When we see a sports star or politician boasting of how good he is, I react rather negatively.  Big egos really disturb me.  Looking at it that way, it would seem that God has a big ego and wants every one to worship him.  Because I don’t think God is like that, I just put it on the back burner with the view that it’s one of those things beyond human understanding,  “His ways are past finding out.”  Rom. 11:33-36.  But I got an answer from John Piper that makes sense.  Actually, he quotes C.S. Lewis, who elaborates extensively on this, and which I will try to  condense.  Essentially, it’s that “delight is incomplete until it comes to completion in praise.”  To illustrate, I watch a great athlete perform some “unbelievable” maneuver, maybe a caught pass in the end zone with three men covering him.  I really get excited about this,  but my joy is stifled because no one is there to enjoy it with me.  The first thing I do is call my wife to witness this great performance.  She is duly impressed and my happiness is complete.  And here’s the point.  God is not boasting, nor does he have an enlarged ego.  He loves me so much that he wants my joy to be complete.  He wants me to be in awe of his character and work.  He doesn’t need my praise; I do.  My joy becomes complete by praising him, and doubly so when I share my delight of him with others.

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