I Am

Saturday, Feb. 11                                   

When Moses asked who it was that spoke to him from the burning bush, the answer was “I Am.”That apparently satisfied Moses, and he learned a lot more about God in the following years.  Jesus claimed that title for himself early on in his incarnation.  If any other person did that, we would be appalled at such arrogance, someone with a super ego and implying that no one else matters.  But with that burning bush incident, it would also be a claim of divinity.  Precisely.  Jesus was divine and it was important for people to realize that.  This was not an ego trip.  In fact, Jesus is described as ultra humble by Paul in Philippians 2.  Jesus used the term to identify himself with the burning bush speaker—with the goal of convincing Jews that he was their Messiah.  Behind all of this is the fact that God loves all men and was willing to die to redeem them.  C.S. Lewis is right.   Our joy will be complete when we worship this great I AM.

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