Angels in Awe

Wednesday, Feb. 15                         

Occasionally there is a little snippet of truth thrown into a Scriptural passage to add a little clout to the main message.  How about this one?  1 Peter 1:12.  “Even angels long to look into these things (NIV) Or “Angels are eagerly watching these things happen (NIT).  The context is how O.T. Scriptures prophesied of the incarnation and the establishment of the Church.  The Church was growing fast, but it was also enduring severe persecution.  So how did Peter encourage these persecuted believers to remain faithful as a witness to unbelievers?  Among other things was to remind them that all these things were prophesied, that they were part of God’s plan, that God had given them the Holy Spirit to empower them.  Their own lives were to testify as to the power of God to redeem man and change him from a rebel to a saint.  And then he adds this little nugget—that the angels were watching in the wings to see how God would work things out.  I suppose that the angels were wondering how Christians would respond to persecution.  God’s witness to a lost world was entrusted to men and women who had experienced his grace.  How would they respond when viciously persecuted?  Both the O.T. prophecies and the angels watching on the side lines must have been a great encouragement to those Christians under fire.  Their response was important to Peter, to wondering angels, and to God.

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