A Dumb Donkey

Saturday, Feb. 18                         

God also used a donkey to do his bidding.  The remarkable story of Balaam and his donkey is in Num. 22:21-35.  What amazes me about this story is not just that the donkey spoke, but that it seemed to have wisdom beyond what an animal normally shows.  Of course, God could have just been speaking through the animal’s physical organs without regard to its emotions or intellect.  In any case, it got Balaam’s attention and changed his course of action.  It made Balaam look a bit inferior.  It amazes me that Balaam was apparently not shocked at his donkey speaking to him.  The account pictures him conversing with his donkey as though it were a daily occurrence.  Nor was he overwhelmed by the revelation of the angel with a drawn sword.  God is very creative when he needs to get our attention.  As the saying goes “actions speak louder than words.”  When Balaam wouldn’t listen to God’s instructions, God found a way to get him to obey.  It made him “willing to go”  He finally agreed to obey God—although he eventually chose money over morality and betrayed his own people.  And that is why the New Testament uses Balaam as an example to avoid (2 Pet. 2:15, Jude 11, and Rev. 2:14).  The Hornet Song includes this event, too.

When Balaam was sent to the Moabite king,
And wanted things run his own way,
His mule, ever faithful, spoke at the right time,
Made him willing God’s Will to obey.

God can use any man, since He used Balaam’s mule,
For He is Almighty you know;
He does not compel us to go ‘gainst our will
But He just makes us willing to go.

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