Don’t Fence Me In

Monday, Feb. 20                              

God’s use of animals to do his bidding  reveals that God is quite capable of dealing with any problem that arises.  He is creative in more ways than one.  But it also reveals something about us.  We tend to put limits on God.  Can he (or will he) meet all my needs?  This is reinforced by seemingly not getting an answer to a prayer.  We think our prayer is quite reasonable and we can’t understand why God is silent.  This is tacitly saying that we know more about how God should act than he does.  That is sheer audacity.  Paul touches on this in Rom. 9:2—“But who are you, O man, to talk back to God?”  God can’t be boxed in.  He thinks “outside the box.”  There’s an old Cole Porter cowboy song written in 1934 entitled “Don’t Fence Me In.”  Can you visualize God sitting up there somewhere singing that song?  OK, I’m thinking outside the box.  But it’s still true that we can’t fence God in.  He wants us to be awed by him and he wants us to trust him.  Those four NTM missionaries got the message—and they will never be the same.

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