Lions and Lambs

Thursday, Feb. 23                          

God’s ways are really past finding out.   I hope I don’t offend anybody with this, but why do men have nipples?  OK, let’s move on.  Isaiah 11 depicts a time when the wolf will lie down with a lamb, where lions will eat grass along with a cow, and a child will play with vipers.  The implication is that things will revert to normal after sin is eradicated.  If this describes the way God intended things to be, then why did God create lions and their kin with jaws and teeth that are designed to eat meat?  Maybe it’s a metaphor and simply designates a time of peace, which I have trouble with.  The passage includes too much detail to be a metaphor, plus it seems to be an obscure way to describe a time of peace.  Maybe my implication is wrong.  Maybe I don’t have the right perspective on the context.  Or I can simply say that this little bit of Scripture is one of those “past finding out” things.  I don’t plan on deleting Isaiah 11 from the Bible.

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