Floating Down Stream

Tuesday, Feb. 28                      

The default concept used in computers is not limited to the computer.  I like it as a way of describing our propensity to sin.  Sinners sin; that’s their nature.  And at the very heart of the sin nature is self.  We don’t have to make a conscious effort to serve self; it’s automatic.  Serving others is not natural; it’s simply not a part of our nature.  We always default to sin and self.  We have no choice.  [A caveat here:  I accept the fact that unredeemed sinners can do good things, but it is always with a desire to benefit self—to get something in return, to be well thought of, to gain power, prestige, or financial gain.]  This built in sin nature is why so many marriages fall apart.  A man (or woman) will perform well while in the dating stage, but will revert to normal once married.  The real man (or woman—or both) is unveiled and the marriage deteriorates.                    The unredeemed sinner is like a dead body floating down stream.  Let me know if you ever see a dead body swim up stream.  That is the condition of an unredeemed sinner.  He is physically still alive, but spiritually dead and helpless to change the situation.  More tomorrow.

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