Saturday, Mar. 4                               

Darkness is just the absence of light.  It is no accident that light and darkness are used to express good and evil.  Goodness, like light, is real.  Evil is the absence of good and is not an eternal verity.  It will disappear when goodness prevails.  Life and death reflect the same truth.  Life is real and eternal; death is merely the absence of life and is not eternal.  Life is the norm; death is an anomaly.  Day and night expresses the same truth.  Night represents death and evil.  Day represents life and goodness.  At the end of this age, things will return to normal.  The entire universe will some day be cleansed of the aberrant blight that we call sin.  There will be no night there.  Rev. 22:5.  Death will be cast into the lake of fire.  Rev. 20:14.  It should not surprise us that Jesus is pictured as light and life.  He’s the one that will restore all things to normal.  He will  rule without opposition.  All will be good.  Happiness will be supreme and without interruption.  And I will join the throngs of the redeemed and the host of angels in worship of the King of Kings and Lord or Lords.  Meanwhile, I hope I can encourage a few more people to escape the doom that awaits the unredeemed and join me in that grand and eternal celebration.

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